I feel in most cases the final touches are always the most important because this is what will be noticed first. And when it comes to a bride, the dupatta is the first thing that attracts the eye of most admirers. Think about it, even in other instances when you are wearing an Asian outfit, you will find women in the ladies trying to adjust their dupattas or sarees because they understand it’s the dupatta that sets the finishing style to her overall look.
The different ways of draping a bridal dupatta has grown over the years, with more influences coming from various cultural backgrounds and Bollywood trend setters. In this blog I share some of the popular ways that I style my brides’ dupattas, and if you haven’t purchased your outfit or jewellery, some major bridal inspiration to consider.

Double Dupatta
The double dupatta trend was set by the world renowned bridal designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee and since then has become a firm favourite by both real brides and Bollywood brides. You simply cannot go wrong with this style of draping as it boosts your overall look, gives you the ultimate Maharani vibes and goes amazing with authentic royal themed weddings.
With two dupattas, you use one for draping around whilst the other to cover the head. You will definitely feel like a regal bride and be very comfortable as you can drape the heavier dupatta around you whilst setting a lighter dupatta on the head. You can try two different colours of dupattas, or even materials to see which looks the best for you.
This is the most requested and favourable style for my brides in 2019 and admittedly, my favourite aswell 😊

Classic Saree Drape
A saree is the quintessential Indian wear so no wonder this is the most classic and common style of draping for most ladies attending a wedding. Brides tend to choose this style for their engagement, mehendi or sangeet events because it is so comfortable to wear, regardless of how heavy or light the attire is.
Insert one end of the dupatta on the right part of your waist then with the other end cross it behind your back, under your left arm and over your right shoulder like a saree drape. Voila! This style is great for showing off embroidered blouses and heavy intricate work dupattas, as well as giving a flattering look.

Mughal Bride Draping
Most people may not be familiar with the Mughal draping, but as soon as you mention Deepika Padukone in BajiRao Mastani, the image pops to mind! This is the typical Mughul style draping where the dupatta is covering over the head in a graceful and modest style.
This style also works well with anarkalis and Punjabi suits that have a heavy dupatta as the main focus.

Kamarband / Belted Drape
The Kamarband or belted drape was probably noticed when Anushka Sharma-Kohli adorned this style for her wedding reception. This has since become a trending style with brides, having a choice of purchasing a matching belt with their wedding attire or customing a bespoke version. Anita Dongre also brought back this age old style with her recent bridal collection by giving a modern twist to a traditional outfit. You can drape the dupatta in a classic saree style and complete the look with the belt to accentuate a neat and tidy finish.
Fuss-free yet elegant, this style keeps the dupatta in place (especially for your dance sequence!) and works well with A-line lehengas to give the bride a flattering silhouette.

Stole Style
This iconic style is worn by many across the world, be them in Hollywood or Bollywood. This style is sure to create a statement as you hold the dupatta from the back by both hands as you gracefully move across your wedding venue. If you have a WOW factor outfit, this is a favourite style as it allow every element of the outfit to be seen and not covered by the draping.

Suit Styling
If you’re not planning to cover your head, or are styling for your mehendi or sangeet event then this is the best way to drape your dupatta. Just like we wrap a suit’s dupatta, pin the dupatta on both sides of your shoulder for a fuss free style that’s finished in seconds! Yes it really is that easy!

Simple Over The Head
This style is for the bride who seeks effortless yet minimal look. This graceful and beautiful style works best with sheer light weight dupattas as it should fall easily and freely, with minimal hair grips and safety pins.

Twice Over Arm Style This is a super effortless style that looks both elegant yet very simple to do. After securing the dupatta to your head, and ensuring both end are of equal length, you wrap both ends over your arm and pin to secure. This style works really well when the bride has a heavy dupatta, so the whole process of carrying the dupatta becomes a bit easier.

Pakistani / Shahnawaz Styling
The conventional Pakistani manner of draping a dupatta has been established by many brides around the world as a fashion style. This dupatta draping style is very popular for brides wearing both lehenga and sharara type outfits.
All you have to do is take the dupatta over your head with keeping one end of dupatta loose at the back. The other end of the dupatta is curved into a cowl shape in the face and then put at the back of the other shoulder and pinned securely.

The Veil Style
The veil style will be a major trend for 2020! This style combines the classic feel of a western cathedral veil with the traditional Asian bride of the ghunghat that can be seen by many queens and princesses of the golden era. A sheer dupatta is exactly what you want for using it as a veil because the bride’s features should be noticeable close up but still out of sight for the outer world.


If you are unsure of what style you want for your wedding day, just get in touch with us to help you. We offer a dupatta styling session as standard with our bridal trials as well as on the wedding day.
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