If you love makeup and being creative, you’re most likely thinking or have probably thought about becoming a makeup artist, right? Good! And so you should! 😊 In this ever growing beauty industry, the demand for makeup artists has never been so high. Now, everybody can afford to hire a Makeup Artist to make them look and feel beautiful. Hiring a Makeup Artist is no longer just limited to weddings. As a Makeup Artist you can be hired for all sorts of events such as parties, hen dos, birthdays, music videos, photo shoots, fashion shows, tv and even Ascot races!
Having a creative flair and loving makeup products is just the beginning; you need to get yourself trained to work on real clients. Here are three options for you;

• Online courses
• Self taught (via YouTube)
• Face to face practical courses

Now, online courses are great for your pocket if you have a small budget and you are a complete beginner however, there is no direct interaction with your tutor at that time when you need their guidance the most. For effective learning to take place and knowledge retention, there needs to be constant interaction between the student and the tutor which can only be achieved in a direct face to face practical course. Even with YouTube videos and being self-taught, you need the expert guidance of a tutor that advises you in your areas of improvement and how to overcome any difficulties.
At Asian Bride Makeup we are a Guild Accredited Professional Training Centre, designed for students to learn all aspects of the makeup techniques used in Asian and Western cultures. Additionally, our courses will give you detailed insight to the business world, which will help you launch your own business!

Here are top reasons why you should attend an accredited course and join a Makeup Academy like ours;

Be Your Own Boss
Our classes do have business training that’ll fully explain in detail the must-dos in the beauty business industry! What is awesome about the courses is that you will get hands-on training, along with the opportunities to start thinking of your business plan, designing a website, creating business cards, invoices and everything else that comes along in running a successful business! This is a 2-for-1 deal!

Specialised Asian Bridal and Fashion Makeup Training
Our courses will teach you all about the intricacies of how to perfectly blend colours using colour theory knowledge, different brush uses, appropriate applications for day and night looks, contouring & highlighting, matching foundations to different skin tones plus much more! We have a full course curriculum which break down what you will learn each day. Email us to get this sent to you. There is a lot that goes on in our classes which is all packed in a short amount of time! Your time with us will be well spent, as we teach you step-by-step on everything there is to know about makeup!

Your Own Style Your Way
What makes every Makeup Artist different is their style. Here is your opportunity to explore new techniques and develop your own makeup style in our classes. As time goes on, you will know which method works for you and will create your own signature style that’ll have clients booking you in no time! There are endless possibilities here!

Make People Feel Beautiful!
In my personal experience, the absolute best part of being a Makeup Artist is that I get to help make another being feel and look beautiful! I find it so worthwhile and satisfying to give someone a boost of confidence and pampering through my skills of artistry. Your talent will truly show through if you are passionate! Something that we really empathise in our courses is that you have the power to be re-booked by the same client over and over again, simply by the way you make them feel! The beauty industry is about self-care, so how you make someone feel and look in your booking is what is going to make you a Artist to remember. As long as you leave the client boosted with confidence and looking fabulous, you will get re-booked and recommended time and time again 😊 Before you know it, you will be a high demanding professional Makeup Artist!

Accredited Certification
At the end of our courses you’d earn a certification, granting you credibility as a professional makeup artist! With the certification, it shows that you are a well-rounded expert when it comes to the mastery of makeup theories, technicalities and applications. You will make your name as a certified professional makeup artist that clients will trust and gladly have their makeup done by you. Also, you will receive a 29 piece professional makeup brush set to use and keep whilst you train with us and guidelines on how to get your Pro Membership cards for mainstream makeup brands! You’ll always be a part of the Asian Bride Makeup community even after graduation, where we will help you along in your career, and offer you paid bookings with clients!
Here are some graduate student testimonies who have trained on our previous courses:

London Makeup Course Rani B. Essex
“I’ve done various online courses before but I still struggled with my confidence level and never being sure if I was doing something right. Doing a specialised bridal course with Asian Bride Makeup was one of the best things I could have done! I was taught the correct techniques and the tutors helped me to troubleshoot in areas I always found difficult. Best of all we had a portfolio day where I got experience first-hand of the buzz working on the sets of a photoshoot! It was really exciting and at that moment I realised that becoming a makeup artist was the best thing I could ever do!”

London Makeup Course Shyla A. Oxford
“I came across this academy when I started to model for them and one thing I noticed about them compared to other institutes that everything was shared, meaning tips, tricks, hacks everything. They really care about students and that is evident from their demonstrations, knowledge and communication. Students feel confident and eager to start working straight after finishing the course.”

Makeup testimonial Maryam P. Portugal
“I flew especially out from Portugal to do a bridal course with Asian Bride Makeup. I read all the great reviews and I really liked Anita’s bridal makeup style that was contemporary and modern, perfect for brides these days. It was a huge decision for me to fly over but it turned out to be one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my life. I learned a lot and had the best time experience!”

Makeup student Tia K. Harrow
“I am a busy working mum so I wanted to do an intensive practical course so I learn everything in minimum timing. Aside from being great value for money, the academy also offered flexible payment plans which meant that I could pay in easy instalments so there was no pressure on me. It’s the best decision I could make for my family by training here. Anita is also a busy working mum herself so she understood the pressures that we have as mums and the challenge of working and looking after kids. With the guidance and training taught, I was able to pick what times and days I wanted to work around my kids, and have a great income coming in. Thank you for all the after service advise and always being available to help me with my questions!”

Join these graduates by completing your Asian Bridal Makeup Course with us! We have various locations in London and Birmingham, and have specific course dates.
Our next course is taking place in London on 5-8th October 2020. Please see here for details or email us for a full course curriculum

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I am open for business as normal. I remain able to take new enquiries.

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