As the seasons transition and weather changes, so does our skin. Our skin is likely to be susceptible to external factors like the weather and our environment to the various changes throughout the year. Even if you have been blessed with amazing skin, we all need an extra boost to keep it looking and feeling healthy. Face masks have been around for absolutely ages but their power is often underestimated. Here is my rough guide to the benefits that face masks offer and why you should really love them as much as we do.

#Instant Results
With some skincare products you would need to use them for a continuous time to see a visible difference. Not with a face mask! With one single use you will see a noticeable improvement to your skin’s appearance. They work instantaneously to give you a multitude of benefits, including softer, smoother, tightened and toned skin in a single use. Using a face mask, especially before a special event will give you guaranteed better skin.

#Deep Cleansing
A daily skincare routine of cleanse, tone and condition is great but it doesn’t give you deep cleansing. Face masks have great deep cleansing properties that will take your skincare regime to a whole new level. They draw out impurities from the top layer of the epidermis, where dirt, oil and makeup can become clogged. Face masks help to unclog pores and remove the build-up of dead skin cells. Allowing the cells to regenerate. If clogged pores persist, it can lead to a bacteria spread which will cause blemishes and breakout havoc! Not a great sight!

#Targets Every Skin Concern
Just like skincare products are created to treat every skin type, there is a mask to target every specific skin concern. From combination to normal to oily to sensitive skin types, there is a wide variety of masks available on the market to cater for all.

If you are unsure of which skin type you have, read our blog here on how to identify this.

If you read our blog ‘What’s Your Type‘ , you will have learned that we can often have up to two different types of skin. Therefore, the appropriate variant of masks should be used according to your skin type. You can use more than one type of face mask if you have two different skin types , also known as multi-masking. So, which face mask is right for you?

#Oily or combination skin – clay or mud masks
#Dry skin – cream or sheet masks
#Sensitive skin – vegan or all natural masks

Clay masks have substances which draws out impurities from the pores to the skin’s surface, whilst the mask dries and tightens.

Mud masks work in a similar way to clay masks however, they detoxify and purify the skin to speed up the skin healing process and tightening the collagen to give a youthful glow.

Sheet masks are single use individually packed and is literally soaked in intensive moisturising serum for the ultimate softening and smoothing skin. They are fun to use but you do need to be careful when taking the sheet out of the packet as they can easily. With regular use they will minimise fine lines and you will finish off with a beautiful healthy glow.

Cream masks are perfect for normal and sensitive skin as they are known for their gentle properties such as natural oils, aqua and usually free from parabens. Cream masks soothes, restores and hydrates dry skin, whilst giving a plumping effect and more balance in moisture levels.

Vegan or all natural masks are great for sensitive or normal skin. More brands are now introducing vegan and all- natural face masks to their range as they have all the benefits of a regular mask but without the irritation caused from some of the ingredients. They are usually derived from 100% organic fruit and/or vegetables so will never cause any sort of irritation to the most sensitive skin.

But wait! That’s not all – We have saved the BEST benefit for the end! Using a face mask is very therapeutic and helps you to un-wind, relax and offers pamper time to yourself. The aromatic essential oils contained in most face masks will stimulate your senses and give you an uplifting yet relaxing feeling. Using a face mask is the perfect way to spend some well-deserved ‘Me Time’, alongside a hot bubble bath and candles. The ultimate indulgence and sensory experience in the comfort of your own home!

We hope you enjoy your mask experience and do let us know which is your favourite x

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Written by Anita Pillai – Director and Lead Makeup Artist

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